Full and differential backup with 7zip on Linux

Backups are a must! I’ve said this time and time again and I’ll say it every time backup are the topic: One can never have enough backups.

There are a lot of advanced / dedicated backup programs out there, but for the simple task sometimes simpler programs are simpler… Here is where 7zip comes in.

Split multi-contact .vcf address book into individual .vcf’s

Moving contacts from one phone to another is a tricky business. And when the manufacturers of the said two phones are different, this process quickly turns into a pain in the b**t.

It’s a known fact that Android (and, weirdly, older Sony-Ericsson) phones export their contacts as a single multi-contact vcf file. And it’s also a know (and hated) fact that Nokia’s (otherwise great) Suite program can only import single-contact vCards.

Scheduled backup of your user folder to a network location

One can never have enough backups. Backups are important and you shouldn’t let one day pass without having them. I recommend creating system-wide backups (either the entire system partition or the entire hard disk) periodically.

But for that bit of data which is frequently changed/updated/replaced, you’ll need a more often backup schedule. This can be easily achieved with an archiver and a bit of scripting…

Create filesystem backup with dd

The dd utility can be successfully used to create a backup of a filesystem (in lack of more specialised backup utilites). dd if=/dev/sdaX | gzip > /backup/sdaX.gz where sdaX is the partition you want to backup, and the /backup folder is located on a different disk/partition than the one you’re …