Handling processes/services on hibernation/wakeup in CentOS


Hibernation is a great feature on any computer. It allows for a temporary pause in execution in which the system in question can be unplugged, cleaned, modified, or moved.

But what happens when some services don’t play nice and fail to resume properly from sleep? Fortunately, Linux’s power management utilities provide the necessary functionality… Continue reading

Maximizing Netgear WNDR4500v2 functionality with DD-WRT (USB, FTP, Samba, TFTP, Printer sharing)


The Negear WNDR4500v2 router is quite a beefy piece of hardware with advanced firmware, including plenty of features even for a maniac user like me.

I would most likely not have replaced it from day 1 however if it had one more feature that I absolutely needed: TFTP/PXE/BootP options for the DHCP server. There is where DD-WRT comes in… Continue reading

Bluetooth peripheral device no driver installed/available


One may randomly encounter a Windows installation where some bluetooth devices don’t get their drivers installed despite having installed all of the manufacturer’s drivers.

In such cases, one may end up with one or several non-functioning “Bluetooth Peripheral Device”. To solve this, start by downloading and installing Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1… Continue reading

Solving WordPress unable to upload media – another way


Working with Wordpress installations all the time, I get to encounter the weirdest issues. One of theme is the all-known “unable to upload media”, translated by Wordpress to a clear and yet useless message.

First step is, naturally, to check permissions. But what do you do when permissions are perfect, and yet Wordpress can’t upload? Continue reading